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I'm not going to get into a McCain v Obama argument because the reasons I voted for him were not related to this issue. It was my hope that he'd be too busy with everything else, and that what happened in 1994/1995 would deter congress. Also, it continues to be my hope that his mind can be changed on the subject. I don't really care how naive that sounds, but I sized both candidates up and made my decision. I maintain the right to be critical of the decisions of a party and leadership that I am a member of and voted for. You can blame me for voting for Obama and I can blame you for not coming up with a better republican candidate. I won't attack Palin because Biden is just as ridiculous.

You say 2 years because of midterm elections, I'm predicting 4 years because I think the general consensus will be to try and keep Obama in office for a 2nd term, and if they lose control of congress then what Obama can do easily disappears. They've already said "that's not for now, that's for later". So we've already managed to push the option off the table for a while. I'm suggesting we continue having it pushed until it falls off the table completely. If we can do that, then my goal was accomplished and the guy I voted for didn't hurt my 2nd amendment right.

He has not lived up to my expectations, and he has broken several promises. I don't have "buyers remorse", but I disagree with several things he's done so far.

And even though I voted for him, guess what? I'm allowed to complain when he or the party does something that I don't like. Aren't you glad that not everyone that voted for Obama blindly follows his every decision? Would you rather the US be blindly following McCain? Or would it be okay for republicans to be critical of some of his decisions as well?

I feel that the 2nd amendment IS absolutely important to protect, obviously, but I don't think that we should allow politicians to use their supposed support as a fishing hook for votes. I'd rather choose a politician based on overall score, and then work my ass off to protect myself in the areas where our ideals clash.

If Obama was a little more pro gun than McCain would you have voted for him over that? Even if you disagreed with a lot of other things that he does support?

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