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From this, I hope you all take something valuable. Maybe you will think twice before tricking out your guns with 4 pounds of hardware that glows, helps grip, and scratches your ass while you're shooting bad guys. All that hardware will be in a firefight is extra weight that you won't remember why you got because it's such a burden. Learn to shoot simple, and make it muscle memory so you don't have to rely on thinking. I never understood what people meant before the attack.
So you got in a fist fight with a guy and from that you have determined that accessories that might help with things like grip (or anything else, apparently) aren't beneficial and should be avoided?

You know this because you didn't use a gun in the fight? Did the accessories on your gun somehow keep you from using it in a situation that as you have described, didn't require lethal force? Did those accessories somehow keep you from thinking?

Sorry, but the justification for claim you are making isn't supporting the claim you are making.
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