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I have to admit I am VERY surprised not to see conversation taking place here.
None of this is directed towards the OP, but meant as general elucidation for everyone who just got involved in the cause last week/month/election.

This conversation has taken place hundreds of thousands of times over the last 75 years.

Like many folks in the community, my involvement goes back more than a decade. When I got in, I was fully aware how green I was, and in the long view, still am.

This stuff didn't go awry overnight. It was pushed through with the tacit approval of a populace that was content to believe what they were told. In this case, that was, "guns are bad, and no responsible person should want them."

It was pushed through in small incremements, and each time people like me spoke out against it, we were labelled as "extremists" or "militia nuts."

Now that Joe and Marge Country Club are seeing the ugly culmination of their voting patterns and prior ambivalence, they're up in arms. These are the same people who were shocked that I should offer to teach their children how to shoot guns, or that I felt I had the right to carry a gun to defend myself.

I have neighbors who called the police on me in 2002 when they saw me carrying a Garand from my car to my front door. Last summer, these people approached me about leading a neighborhood watch because I "had guns." Last February, they approached me for shooting lessons.

Don't get me wrong; I'm glad they came around. I just wish they'd realize that the 2A has been under attack since before they were born, and that to preserve it, they have to get off the couch and do something.

I'm willing to guess that this thread isn't getting many replies because most of us are busy teaching, staying in contact with our elected officials and coordinating shoots.

I'm glad to see you've come around; welcome aboard. Instead of asking, "well, why isn't more being done?" try asking older folks in the community what they've been doing, and ask how you can help.

We don't need 4 years. The mid-terms are a 17 months out, and we can make a difference by supporting the right candidates. Many of the Democrats currently in the legislature are in fact very pro-gun, and could also use your support and kind words.
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