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Maybe you will think twice before tricking out your guns with 4 pounds of hardware that glows, helps grip, and scratches your ass while you're shooting bad guys.
The "hardware" I've "tricked" my #1 carry gun with helps in several areas.

1. The Hogue grip sleeve improves my hand hold which improves my aim and follow up capability.
2. The Trijicon night sights improve my ability to aim in low light situations.

All that hardware will be in a firefight is extra weight that you won't remember why you got because it's such a burden. Learn to shoot simple, and make it muscle memory so you don't have to rely on thinking.
I know how to shoot, thank you, and I can put a full mag in the 10 circle at any reasonable SD distance. The above-mentioned hardware helps me not have to actually"think" about aiming and firing.
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