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I probably sound like a broken record player because I know many users on here have probably said this before but I don't feel the need to sift through thousands of posts to make sure. I want to reinforce the commonly proposed notion that in a situation which the use of force is necessary, you really aren't thinking straight. Recently, I was attacked (tackled from behind, got up, and it became a boxing match). Despite me preparing myself in the past for any type of physical altercation, I still am simply shocked at how crazy it was. My mind was in a frenzy and all I could think to do was hit him in the face as hard and as many times as possible. No moves or strategies that I learned from years of wrestling and doing MMA wih buddies helped.

From this, I hope you all take something valuable. Maybe you will think twice before tricking out your guns with 4 pounds of hardware that glows, helps grip, and scratches your ass while you're shooting bad guys. All that hardware will be in a firefight is extra weight that you won't remember why you got because it's such a burden. Learn to shoot simple, and make it muscle memory so you don't have to rely on thinking. I never understood what people meant before the attack.
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