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Hello all,

Grat site you all have here. I live in Wyoming, been here for 25 years after growing up in Utah and TX.

I've been around guns all my life I guess. I just took up reloading in the past month however after telling myself for the last 35 years that it was something I needed to do "when I got the time". Well, after watching the prices and availability of ammo in the past 6 months, I decided that the time was definitely now!

I've finally assembled everything I need to start reloading 357/38 and 45 Colt ammo now (yes, I even managed to find primers!!) But I'm still eagerly scouring the internet in hopes of picking up tips on reloading, rather than duplicate all the same mistakes.

Besides the 357 and 45 Colts (no I'm not a Cowboy Action Shooter, I just love shooting single action revolvers), I have a 44 magnum S & W that I absolutely love. And then the "normal" collection of rifles that everyone in Wyoming has, like the 243, a 308, a 7 MM mag, a 45-70, a 30-30 as well as a few 22's and shotguns. Perhaps one day I will be reloading for all those as well, but for now I'm just learning with the 357 and 45.
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