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Great! It now sounds like all the free Appleseed offers have been taken with Pack being the final one to claim the free pass for South Carolina's historic first ever Appleseed shoot! Thanks to everyone here who helped spread the message.

As for what rifle to bring Pack, a AR or AK would be fine. You will probably find the AR much easier to shoot accurately, make sight adjustments, and do magazine changes with though. The FN 49 would probably be fine too, but I personally have never seen one at an Appleseed. If its all you got then bring it. The better and finer the adjustments on your rifle sights the better off you will be though so bring what you can adjust and shoot the most accuratelly. You can shoot anything really at an Appleseed, it doesn't have to be a Service Rifle at all, and use iron sights or scopes, it doesn't matter. In fact, most of our shooting is done at 25yds so a semi-auto .22, like a Ruger 10/22, is about ideal for the majority of the weekend. It helps to save on ammo costs as well, at a typical Appleseed you can fire between 400-500 rounds a shoot. With that amount of ammo centerfire prices really add up. Lots of people shoot a .22 for the first day and then a centerfire for the second day. Whatever you bring it doesn't hurt to bring a back-up rifle, and make sure to bring spare mags if you have them. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask!
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