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ithaca/skb 900

i have a problem with my 900 in that, it doesn't want to eject/load standard
2 3/4 loads (20 ga) . i shot a couple of hi-brass loads and some 3 inchers in it
a few days ago and it cycled fine. afterward, i put a couple of field loads thru
it and it kicked out 3 in a row. now it won't eject and load them. is there
something about shooting a more powerful load that "sets" the spring ?
is there anything i can do about the spring to lighten it so it shoots reg. loads ? btw , i'm shooting reloads but, they're 1155 fps so should work. they
do in my other guns. i've tried turning the washer over but no help.
i've already seen lots of helpful info here , i feel sure someone has the answer.

thanks a bunch
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