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I realize this the choir preaching to the choir but....

I agree that we the gun owning (and enjoying) public cannot relax. Power hungry people in a free society will unlikely take away a freedom in one fell swoop. It will be more like cancer and less like a heart attack.

They know to 'control' the populace completely they must eliminate freedoms a little at a time. It's like a tug of war and if you slide just a little bit that's one bit they have gained and will not give up.
The Japanese took up all the 'weapons' from the Okinawans before they overran the country. Hitler severely limited travel right before his greatest conquest.
However, in the very early stages of the American revolution the British forgot to take up the squirrel rifles and eventually paid the price.

We won't see it in our lifetime but there will be a time when some guys will come to folks' front doors and demand their guns. That's when a hard decision will have to be made. Because, for the situation to reach that point there will have been a lot of little freedoms ****** away because of an uninvolved uninformed citizenry.

That's why we need to hound the heck out of our politicians when they start talking nonsense. This is especially important on the local level for 3 reasons:
1. It will affect you immediately
2. You can actually make them explain face to face.
3. Local represents one of those 'little bits' I spoke about above.

I say it is great that this forum is provided for us by TFL and they make it very easy for us to communicate with each other about subjects we are very interested in BUT>>>
In addition to us preaching to each other we need to write letters, send petitions, send emails, call and whatever else to let the politicians know we are not just a bunch of rednecks and hicks mumbling amongst ourselves but a voice.... a loud voice that pays taxes and VOTES and advises others on voting.

Sorry.... but every time I hear that heifer throwing out threats as I heard her last night I really get aggravated at the 'silent majority' in general.
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