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To top this off the powers that be will let it ride a few years and then tell us "Obviously the assault weapons are not enuff, we need to ban more..." This is just a rednecks opinion and I may well be wrong but don't want to find out...
Of course they will. Socialist doctrine that decrees dependence on government has never been the friend of freedom to keep a reasonable amount of the money you earned, own a gun, or expect government to serve the people instead of the other way around. They need followers, not the type of independent Americans that created and built our country (including businesses), and are capable of fending for themselves.

It's important to look at the big picture and realize that this type of gun or that isn't the issue. Those are just steps on the way to confiscation or strict regulation.

Mixed in with socialists are people who are opposed to guns for personal reasons (like Carolyn McCarthy) and who think it would reduce crime.

When the Clinton AW ban was the issue, it was Feinstein who said "if I could say Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in, I would do it". The reference was to all guns.

She was traumatized when she stood over the body of Harvey Milk after his murder by Dan White and noticed the damage the bullets made. She described putting her "finger in the hole" while trying to help him.

Of course, any innocent victim who lay dead may look the same, including those who wouldn't have died in the first place if they'd been armed and capable of defense. Whether shot, knifed, bludgeoned, etc.

But Diane doesn't see that side of it. Guns are bad (except when she needed a permit) and that incident is forever burned into her brain. She's otherwise efficient and highly capable--unlike Barbara Boxer and Carolyn McCarthy.

Diane Feinstein is actually smart, quiet while she bides her time, and far more dangerous.

Hope I'm not rambling, but the roots of gun control go deep and are more complicated than meets the eye. It's not just about AW's.

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