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I don't see the need for a $600 titanium golf driver. I don't see the need for a 200mph race bike to ride to work on. I don't see the need to ride a bicycle on the roadway. I don't see the need to drive a 1 ton PU as a daily commuter (just kidding on that one) As long as I live in a free country and my choices do not harm or cause excess risk to the public at large, I should be allowed to make that choice. Full auto arms involved in a minuscule number of gun murders and an even smaller percentage murders overall. The tax stamp? I don't agree, but I can live with it. Pre '86? BS should be repealed. It's a matter of personal choice and personal responsibility. If someone causes harm with their golf drivers, 200mph bike, or 1 ton PU, they should punished and loose their privilege.

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