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I recently purchased a house and found a revolver. After a magnifying glass and bright light I was able to determine the maker of the gun is ELG and is made in Belgium.

I cannot find this exact gun though. I am interested in finding out the years of production and any cost value? It has the Crown on it but it is above the letter U. It is in two different locations on the gun, first on the inside of the chamber, second is on the barrel.

There was another marking on the inside of the chamber where it shows the number "3"

Also on the inside chamber is shows "E" directly below this it has the letters "LG" and directly below that is a "star" symbol, they are all enclosed with a circle.

The barrel is not a smooth round but has more of a hexigon (6) shape to it. I believe the handle is made of walnut and it does have a hook (sorry not sure what it is called) on the end it. I am not even sure what the caliber is ~ I appreciate any input that you may have since I am really running blind at this point.

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