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We have loaded up a 30 round magazine in .30 carbine and tried to see who could move a bowling pin the farthest with it. In honor of Easter, try the Easter Egg Hunt, sniper style with partially hidden eggs at unknown distances, good for shooter and even a spotter. Try poker hands by stapling a deck of cards up and shooting for a best hand. Range dictated by the type of gun. If you get inventive, you can make a target that falls when hit in the vitals, but not with peripheral hits. I made one with those little inflated bags that come in packages to cushion them. Each was about the size of the A zone of a target. You can also put them in the head, chest, or pelvis of the target to encourage alternative shot placement. When I posted for reactive target ideas, I got tons of cool responses. Try covering your cardboard target with an old T shirt, you won't be able to easily see the bullet holes to adjust your fire. hang a golf ball by a rubber band or a long string. The wind will make for a challenging target. I saw on one of the gun shows on TV a target on a little remote controlled car kind of thing. Shouldn't be too hard to reproduce at home with a little help from Wal Mart or Radio Shack. Saw one where two baloons were tied on a little car. Sniper was told what color baloon to shoot, moving car and wind made for a challenge, and sometimes the baloons crossed, instant no shoot. I'd like to try it with .22s and open sights. Try buying the paper Tyvek coveralls at the paint store. You can fill them up with baloons and hang them in the wind. Seeing which baloon pops leaves no doubt if you had a good hit and it's a 3D target. A little work on them internets will get you pictures of guns, cameras, Ipods, cans of Coke, cell phones, lighters, badges, etc. you can also make copies of your hands open and closed as fists. Cut out these pictures and paste them on paper targets for instant no shoots. (Disclaimer) Never make these copies at work when no one is around and you are bored and want to abuse the work copier. A trip to the dollar store can get you toy guns, cameras, and etc for the same purpose. You could ignore the warning and try all those trick shots on that "Impossible Shots" show...
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