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If I answer the door ...

I have a gun in my hand behind my back, completely out of sight. If it's needed, I don't want to have to draw it, and I certainly don't want to show it. I can always shove it in a back pocket if that becomes advisable.

But I usually don't answer the door if I am not expecting anyone. The dog barks enough to give most people the idea they don't want me to open it, anyway. I think I missed out on a chance for Girl Scout cookies not long ago for not answering the knock, but such is life.

By the way, on the rare occasion that I do open the door to someone I don't recognize, I stand mostly to the left of it (the hinges are on the right) and open it with my left hand. If they did crash through the door, I would not be pushed off balance, but to their side or behind them, gun in a protected retention, point-firing position.
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