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G17 or G19. It's kind of a personal choice. Either one will work for what
you want. XD would probably be my second choice, followed by something
in the CZ line. SP-01 Shadows are showing up at more matches all the time,
I just do not like the first to second shot transition.

Nice thing about Glocks is the stuff available to make them like you want
them. I have a pair---G17 and G23 2nd gen guns. Both set up the same.
<3 lb triggers, Brooks tactical A-Grip, Warren-Sevigny sights, extended
mag release and slide release. The 17 is my Production gun, the 22 is
a carry gun.

In USPSA you would be most competitive in Production Division. I question
that you would ever shoot IPSC. Do you travel out of the US that much to shoot? No IDPA close to me, so I haven't tried it.

You want to win more guns? Buy a Glock and shoot GSSF matches. They
give away piles of guns. Simple matches, several divisions.
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