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Pouring some muffin tin ingots. We're using a Rowell #3 bottom pour ladle here. It's the biggest you can handle with one hand. Capacity is 5#, working capacity 4.5 lbs.

Here, my partner is using a Rowell #4 ladle. As can be seen, it takes two hands. Capacity is 6.5 lbs, working capacity is 6#.

Saturn loaded up ready to go home, destination "casting pot"!

The majority of the lead in the first pic in the post above is right around 12 BHN. Today we were melting some lead from the range where ONLY 22 rimfire is fired. That lead is softer, I don't have a BHN reading for it. I'm expecting from 8-10 BHN.

The 12 BHN lead will be fine by itself for 45, 40, 9mm, and 38's. I'll try to water drop some to see if it'll harden without the need to add antimony/tin.

We have well over 1,000 pounds melted, with half the range lead left to do. I'm considering a second turkey fryer and pot, keeping both going should cut the time. BTW, that fryer will melt a full pot like that in about 25 minutes. I leave about 1" of lead in the bottom before putting more cold stuff in there. First melt of the day takes about 35 minutes, it has to warm the whole shebang up.
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