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lotta lead

I'm going to put this here, it certainly pertains to casting. This is from a private indoor range at my gunclub. It hadn't been mined for at least 15 years.

This is the result of about 30 hours of (S)melting the range lead. We did another 8 hours today.

This is some of it, screened from the sand trap under the deflection plate.

Some more, the stick or log is from the bottom, furthest back of the deflector plate where it meets the sand. Some of the bullets slide down the plate, get jammed into the corner.

Using a skill saw to cut some of the logs so we could get them in the pot.

Here they're getting warmed up.

Final skimming after final fluxing. We were using big no-drip candles for flux. It's ready to start pouring.

We're limited to 6 images per post, so continued next post.
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