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My First Garand Too!

Well the brown truck rolled up to my FFL on Wednesday and I acquired my first SA M1 Garand with a CMP cert. 1942 serial # 832xxx. The MW is 1.5 and the TE is 2. It was inspected and cleaned by Tony Pucci of Orion 7 Enterprises, who now happens to be the President of the Garand Collectors Association.
Wood is all origional with some distinctive battle dings, RRA (Red River Arms) initials and "P" cartouche on the stockand origional sling.
Can't wait to shoot it but have been cautioned about using commercial ammo and have not yet acquired any Milsurp or got my 30-06 reloading set-up.
Any advice from you M1 garand aficiandos to an M1 newbie would be gratefully accepted and appreciated.
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