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I am fairly certain these types are at the very least scouting for empty houses, possible trying to steal identities and maybe even plotting a kick-down home invasion. When I want to subscribe to a magazine I go out, buy a copy at the quickie-mart, fill out the subscription form and mail it off requesting a formal bill to come in the mail.

Last time the magazine idiots came to my door they even admitted that they were in a vocation rehab program or some nonsense trying to get their lives back on track, as well as the bogus trip to Europe line, and they looked like tweakers. I said "you mean my tax dollars are funding this crap? get the (expletive deleted) off my (expletive deleted) porch" and closed the door hard enough to cease further conversation.

But I'm not Ahab, I open the door at reasonable hours after a peep through the looking glass provided no danger signs present themselves; in which case I talk through the door or arm myself, situation depending.
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