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CrustyFN my Dad uses 95/5 too. My Mother casts some of the finest bullets I've ever seen. She's patient and meticulous. The normal BHN for us here is 19, (we can get to 30) but we're very careful with the sizing process to avoid leading with a too hard bullet. The bullets come out of the mold at about 10 with the mix we use and get to about 19 after case hardening, and the final pass for lube and gas check is using a die that's one thou larger than the first sizing pass. We don't do the quenching if the bullets are going to be stored for much later use. The reason is in the link down below. Dad has read this guy for years. Its required reading for me. The weather is getting better so we'll be casting again soon. We do it outdoors near the relaoding room.


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