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Utah, sorry, I didn't open the second photo. The S&W model 27-2 was introduced in 1961 and continued in production until 1982. The serial number should have an S or an N prefix. If the serial number is N108xxx then it was manufactured in 1973.
If there is no S or N in front of the number you are quoting then it is not the serial number, you will need to remove the grips, the correct serial number is on the bottom of the grip frame. Other numbers stamped on the gun would be assembly numbers to help track fitted parts through the factory.

In excellent condition the Standard Catalog of S&W gave a value of $500 in 2006. Yours appears to be the 3.5 inch barrel, which would command a slight premium. Values may have risen since then, check out the online auction sites such as Gunbroker to get a better feel for value. T
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