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I'm using handloads in my 6.5x55SE this year on my late rifle bull hunt. 160 grain Woodleighs (bc-.509, sd-.328) at around 2500 fps. My barrel twist is 1:8.6", I think the closer to 1:7" you are the better for stabilizing the 160 grain "Telephone Poles".

I always think about getting a .264 Winchester Mag. I bet you could get some outstanding results with these Woodleighs out of "The Westerner". They are supposed to perform best when the impact velocity is between 1900 - 3000 fps. That puts my "Swede" out to a MPBR of 285 yds on an 8" target with the Woodleighs. You should be able to stretch that number out a lot with your rifle.

I don't have any "aversion to recoil" as I really enjoy shooting my neighbor's .458 Winchester Mag and slugs from my 12 gauges. It's just that this 6.5x55SE is my "killing gun" as Patton would say.
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