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The Kel-Tec P32 or P3AT can be carried in my front pocket a 38 snub won't work.

Now, to answer the question using a chrono "apples to apples":
P32 with 65 gr. Federal Hydra Shok 804 fps = 93# KE
P3AT with 90 gr. Federal Hydra Shok 845 fps = 143# KE
The 380 bullet is actually 10% wider (.355 VS .32) and carries 35% more KE.
I sold the P32 and bought a 2nd 380.

For the folks who chimed in about the .38 snub:
My Mag-na-Ported model 442 shot a 110 Win. Silvertip @ 821 FPS = 165# KE
Yes, it's losing some velocity due to porting and I used a standard, not +p load, but bullet diameter is the same as the 380. The 38 special has the same bullet diameter with more KE, but it still won't fit in my pocket.
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