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2 things. As for Buffalo; those are definitely hot. Not sure about a Keltec. Most 32's are small, but the keltec in my opinion is really small. I would definitely check with Keltec and NOT take any other person's advice unless they actually shot them through it. Some of the larger 32's like the Walther PPK, FEG, etc... are a lot bigger and probably have no problems with it.

Now, if you want a hot "Standard" 32 round for your keltec; look for Fiocchi 60 grain JHP. Part #32APHP. They are rated at 1100 fps and 205 ft/lbs. Normal FMJ rounds are 900 by 129. Fiocchi's FMJ version is 1000 fps and 150 ft/lbs. Next in line would be Sellier & Bellot. They only make the FMJ, but it's 1043 by 177. So, you can definitely get some decent rounds.

Now; as for HP vs FMJ, that is a definite debate. Most people believe that a bullet than small, at that speed, won't mushroom very well. And actual tests do show that almost all bullets in that range have between a 50/50 and 65/35 chance of mushrooming. So most people believe that FMJ is the way to go because you at least get penetration. That's for the .32. The 380 has a much better chance of mushrooming. In that case, I'd be looking for one of the manufacturers who are best known for making a consistent bullet that will mushroom. That in my opinion would be Golden Saber or Corbon. So, for the 32, I suggest the Fiocchi 32APHP. Even though it's a hollow point, it's starting faster and with almost twice the energy of a standard FMJ (Not counting a S&B FMJ). So even if the Fiocchi doesn't mushroom, it's going to be just as good, if not better, than an FMJ. If you choose to go FMJ, might as well go for the best, and get the S&B. It's 73 grains with a lot of speed and energy. And for the 380; go with the Golden Saber or Corbon HP. FWIW; Golden Saber doesn't make a round for the 32acp.

Now; if you look at the specs; you'll see that the 380 and 32 aren't that much different in speed and energy. And some manufacturers make the 32 as good as the 380. However, the 380 is a physically larger diameter bullet. And the key to stopping a bad guy is to create rapid blood loss and loss of blood pressure. The bigger the hole, the better the job. And if you can combine a bigger hole with tearing more blood vessels; then even better. That is why I've always been a firm believer that the 45acp (With a a golden saber, is the BEST round against humans). And many tests believe so also. A lot of people want to say the 357mag is. Again; the biggest hole with the most expansion; and tearing up the most blood vessels. The 45acp is a lot bigger. More than 25%. Anyway; a new topic.
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