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She wants registration, only because confiscation is still outside her grasp

Remember "Mr and Mrs. America turn them all in!" She, and her cronies haven't given up. Likely they never will. She didn't get the 51% she needed then, and since it looks like she won't get it now, she is willing to "settle" for registration.

Sorry, but to me, this is not news. There are a handful of politicians who have been pushing every kind of gun control they can think of since they got into office. Some of them are in powerful positions. There are others who don't push, but gladly sign on to any gun control bill that comes their way.

There are others who support gun control, or don't based on their reading of how the political wind is blowing.

And there are a handful that actually oppose gun control.

The sky isn't falling just because one of the major anti's opens her mouth...again.
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