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redwing 40: I am confused. I thought a C96 with a shoulder stock was legal. I read on another forum where you must have an SBR Permit?? What about the Artillery Luger?
It was stated that these guns with stocks were OK after 1981 but the law changed again in 1998. There are a number of firms selling these stocks without warnings. What are the facts. THX

Was this what you saw on another forum?

The thread was in reference to the legality of attaching a reproduction stock to certain handguns.

dogtown tom Quote:
doubs43 :..Reproduction stocks ARE legal for the C-96, Browning Hi-Power and the Luger...
Reproduction stocks are NOT legal for attachment to the Mauser C96, Browning Hi Power or Luger unless you hold a SBR tax stamp.

Current ATF regs say it has to be an original stock. As of 1999 a reproduction/replica/copy is an NFA violation unless you have a SBR tax stamp.

Only certain 96 Mauser, Lugers and HP's are exempt from the National Firearms Act. You can see the complete list at:

It's getting harder and harder to tell an original from a copy. When the ATF ruled in 1981 that a replica stock holster was okay, quite a few very good copies were imported. Sportsman's Guide was selling Inglis HP wood stock copies last year for about $80 each. A genuine WWII vintage stock holster should run you at least $275-350.

ATF has issued conflicting "opinions" regarding replica stock/holsters.
I printed and keep both letters with my stocked Inglis.

From 1981 (said repros are okay):

From 1999 (said repros need $200 tax stamp):

****Only those Inglis Hi Powers with a Tangent rear sight are exempt from the NFA when a stock is attached. A number of fixed sight Inglis Hi Powers had a stock slot cut at the factory but ARE NOT exempt from the NFA.
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