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I spent 21 years in the military (Not long ago). And I didn't wear ear muffs in the desert. I wore them at the practice range. But both of you seemed to have missed the point. A 32/380 can be a very effective SD weapon when you know you can plant 7 rounds without anticipating the noise, recoil, and flash that you get from the larger rounds. As for the sight and sound health issue, when you're the only one shooting, 10 minutes of gun fire *29 rounds" is not going to hurt my hearing. I've been to rock concerts, listened to generators, and flight line noise is louder than that; and that's with ear plugs in. "SUSTAINED" exposure is something else. I've been in as "Real World" as situations allow. Including in the sandbox. And I definitely don't hunt with ear plugs in. Sort of makes it hard to hear the elk, moose, and deer.

I promise you, if some of you were to fire a 45, 357, and/or 12 gauge in a "Hot-House" ( 2 story house built to simulate shooting indoors); without your ear protection on; you'd have a totally different perspective on "What's the right gun for home defense". A lot of people mention how the 9mm is the SMALLEST caliber you should protect with. I would say that for a large percentage of people who have a gun for self defense; the 9mm should be the LARGEST they try and shoot with. That first time at 2am when you pull the trigger in the house; adrenaline or not; you're going to say every dirty word you can think of. (While your ears are ringing). Getting the 2nd shot off might not even happen. Unfortunately, most people don't mention the physical and psychological side to defending themselves. They just get "#### Envy" and think they need the biggest and most powerful thing they can afford. And that it will make them "SAFER". It won't. Probably less after they take that first shot and feel like someone hit them in the head with a frying pan. And hope the bad guy hasn't shot his gun inside before and is ready for the sound. And we won't even mention flash blinding when that 357 mag goes bang in the dark. This goes along with those who "Alternate" shotgun shells between 00 buck and slugs. A slug is fine when they are 100 feet away. But if you're shooting someone 100 feet away, they are probably in your yard leaving. In which case, you better get a good lawyer.

Anyway; the 32/380 is a fine self defense weapon; especially when you AREN'T in your house. You need to practice with it. It's not loud. It doesn't kick. It doesn't flash. You don't have to worry about your brain getting in the way when right before you pull the trigger the brain says; "Crap, here it comes". Don't get me wrong. If you get out there at least once a month and throw 1 or 2 boxes through the gun you're going to protect yourself with; then you're going to be fine. (I still suggest a simulated house if you get the chance). But for the vast majority of people, they don't practice much. Maybe once a year. There are even some on this forum that might only shoot a couple times a year. IMHO; the 45, 38spl+p, 357mag, 44spl, and 44mag are designed for experienced shooters. In the right hands (Experienced); you will win. In the inexperienced hand, you better make that first shot the right one. You might not get a 2nd shot.
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