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Thank you for your post. I looked at the rifle a final time and have decided against its purchase. Typically a Ferlach Guild rifle should have an F or Ferlach marked somewhere on the rifle or at least a gunsmiths name based on historical documents. Beings as this rifle does not I have no way to prove this in fact is a legitimate south east Austrian custom sporter. Thus making it even more difficult for me to warrant spending that kind of money on a 95 type action in 8x56R. As far as the barrel is concerned it is my honest opinion, after even closer inspection, this was in fact a military barrel. The serial number is that of a military rifle with the letter code suffix allowing for the numerical digits to reset and begin again with a new suffix. (ie: 9999A, 9999B, 9999C, etc...). The stamp on the left side of the barrel is also that of a military marking. The rifle had definitely been refinished at one point and this also explains the low visibility of the stamp. Whoever installed that rib did a damn fine job. All and all, except for some of the checkering, she was in great shape and deserves a good home I too prefer the cock on opening of a typical Mauser style bolt action. However with the straight pull rotary style bolt of the M95 its cock on closing method is hardly noticeable. Again good point on the safety as well. My father is the big M95 enthusiast, I know quite a bit about them but must be honest by saying they are not a true passion of mine. Though as part of my second world war collection I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a Nazi marked German Police M95.
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