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Thanks for all the responses.

Questions: When zippy says my gun has more of a "drop" what does that mean? Is that related to the comb angle that Big Jimp is talking about?

Yes, the condor is a field gun, but I thought people could go trap shooting with field guns...right?

What is the comb?

My current plan of action, since I'm going shooting again

1) like hogdog and olddrum said weld that thing to my shoulder
2) bring some talc just in case (people will think I'm nuts)
3) buy a stick on mole-skin/ or stick on comb pad
4) Have a gun smith look at the gun, again

I forgot to mention that the gun stock was already shortened for me because I was looking down onto the wasn't a straight line from my eye to the bead, it now is, but now my cheek hurts.

if problem persists I may just trade that in for a wingmaster...or an 1100...or just buy one anyway, oh no they're multiplying

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