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Choices. That's why some like Vanilla ice cream, while others prefer Pistachio.

The early turnbolt types (Steyr/Mannlicher/Carcano/Berthier/whatever) hold no interest for me, for several reasons.

Some are chambered for unobtainium, mostly corrosive stuff.
They cock on closing ILO opening.
All generally have need for clips to feed said ammo.
All generally have pregnant-looking (IMO) magazines.
All don't have the gas-handling safety features of, say, a 98 Mauser.

But, those are MY dislikes, and certainly YMMV.

They are obviously of interest to a LOT of enthusiasts, including yourself - so, if it appeals to YOU, why not ?

If it's a Steyr Sporter, it's well worth the asking.

BTW - I've owned German/Austrian sporters before, that had a ribbed barrel like yours.
It seems a common custom installation for European gunsmiths of the day, and probably picked up it's military markings after the Nazi's took it.
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