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If you are shooting low AND left, 7-8 o'clockish, (right handed), you're likely moving the gun off target when you pull the trigger.

If that's the case, try using just the last pad of your trigger finger to fire. Too much finger in there can pull the gun off POA. Focus on pulling straight back and try not to anticipate the shot, it may cause you to flinch and be off target.

Focusing on the front sight is proper, but don't forget to make sure the top of it is even with the top of the rear sights. It could be while you are focusing on the front site, you may not have noticed that it dropped below even with the rear sites.

For the site picture, I think of the front site as a golf 'T'. My target is the bullseye, which is just above my front site. Like a golfball set on a golf 'T'. (hope that makes sense) My handguns are pretty much all good for bullseyes with that site picture out to about 10 yards. Beyond that I use a 6 o'clock hold and make slight north/south adjustments in POA to hit the bull. With practice you can get a good feel for how far south a POA is needed for desired POI at various distances.

Hope this is helpful, it cost me plenty of $ in ammo to learn but it was worth it.
Happy Trails to You

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