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South Dakota self defense questions spurred by self defense shooting in Brookings

This just happened recently in South Dakota

Basically a drunk kid broke into a mans house, the homeowner warned the kid not to come in and that he was armed.
The kid broke a window, from what I understand he also gained entry into the house and was shot 1 time in the chest. He died at the hospital.

I have been looking through SD law, and haven't found anything definitive yet. I do believe we have the legal concept of a Castle Doctrine in SD.

I am not going to argue about what the homeowner did do, should have done, or did not do. I won't armchair quarterback someones decision to defend themselves in their own house against an intruder.

Question 1: Does anyone here know anything about SD Castle Doctrine, or self defense laws?

Shortened this up a bit, realized a was writing a short novel.

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