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Self defense question

I have my CHL in TX. I was walking out into the parking lot at to local Wal-Mart at about 10pm with my 2 year old daughter in my arms, still about 75 yrds from my vehicle. When 2 kinda rough looking guys with saggy pants. ( I am sure you know the type) Came out about 10 feet in front of us and asked to use my phone. I said I didnt have a phone and started walking in a different direction to my truck to avoid them. Just a few seconds later I noticed them both behind me charging at us yelling cursewords. There was no way for me to outrun them with my little girl in my arms, and I was pretty sure I was in for a beating. Not to mention my daughter could be seriously injured. So I set her down as fast as I could behind a nearby car(about 2 feet from me) and drew my 45 on them, and told them to stop or I will shoot. Lucky for me they did and ran off in the other direction. My question is would I have been justified in firing on them if they got any closer?? I did not see either with a weapon. But I dont think they would have needed one. Do you think I did the right thing in drawing my weapon?
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