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I went and looked at the rifle again today and am seriously considering purchasing it. It is definitely a Steyr action due to the K code on several different components of the action. Upon further investigation it looks as if someone has machined the forward receiver ring to give it a hexagonal effect (very good work with quality machining). The barrel is the only part that has me slightly stumped. It has a full length rib, a four digit numerical serial number follwed by a P on the left side just forward of the action. This leads me to believe it is a custom barrel and not an altered military barrel. Yet on the right side of the barrel just forward of the receiver it has what appears to be a military stamp (Eagle stamp or possibly the Hungaran crest it was hard to tell). It was quite worn and tough to distinguish. What do you guys think. Also I was going to see what you guys thought on a price. He is firm at $489.99, however I did manage to get him to throw in 4 clips (Nazi marked) and 20 rounds of ammunition (It is German 1938 headstamp Nazi marked corrosive). Any thoughts?
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