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In the past, mass shootings were not publicized to the extent they are today. As I said previously, the stressors of life lead to actions but the actions are channeled by modeling.

In 1880, the vicarious reinforcement of seeing Biff and Tiffany's mother crying on TV for the tragedy of the Prom Queen and King being shot by the weirdo loner wasn't on the tube.

That's a different take from the usual - our morals are crashing, if we could only go back to the good old days of women not voting and staying home and people knowning their 'place'.

Folks see these shootings as reasons to trot out their politics but I really don't think they are causal. In fact, lots of terrorists commit mass killings to bring us back to their tyrannical days when there wasn't killings. Like the church shooter trying to nail liberals - huh?
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