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There's an easy way to make room for the violent offenders.

Send them to their Maker.

Actual penalties for crime would be a nice start.

If it were up to me virtually all violent crime would carry the death penalty as at least a possible sentence. I don't even care if it's a deterrent or not, it guarantees that at least that person is "deterred".

So to answer "What can we do?"

We should be pushing for harsher penalties for violent crime, for one thing.
amen...give em a year to challange their sentence, after that..good riddence. save taxpayers a crapton of money maintaining their butts too!

of course, as pointed out by Double Naught Spy, not a whole lot can be done when it comes to suicidal shooters. pray someone is armed and stops them before too many innocents are lost, but otherwise?

to all other violent crimes...see the previous statment
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