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Of course, the antis and much of the media seem to prefer we did make this be the time for policy decisions.
Exactly. And one must ask: Why is that? My answer is that they would rather forward an agenda based on emotion than craft meaningful legislation that is based on a rational assessment of the problem and that implements meaningful, effective solutions that don't denigrate the bill of rights.

Stirring up the emotions of an already stressed out population is irresponsible leadership, in my opinion. I don't trust this leadership any further than I can throw them, but their relatively muted tone (since the Holder speech to the Mexican leaders) has been wise on their part, their blather about registration and crossing state lines notwithstanding.

Our vigilance can force them to look at more meaningful solutions. When they talk about sending more resources to the border, that's a good thing, and they should be commended for it. But how long has that elephant been in the living room?

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