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As horrible and emotionally upsetting as these pathological tirades are, they are but a tiny fraction of the deaths that repeat criminals perpetrate on law abiding population all year long. The magnifying glass of the media, combined with the reality of a high number of tragedies in a short period of time, is skewing perception. This is not the time to be making policy decisions.
I agree. This is a very reasonable assessment.

Of course, the antis and much of the media seem to prefer we did make this be the time for policy decisions.

There is no punishment threat that would deter a suicidal person from going on a shooting spree where they intend to end their own lives, either by their hand or by the hand of the police.
True enough, at least today.

Looking back in U.S. history, where the availability of guns was MUCH easier than it is today, mass shootings were much less common. Maybe we should be honestly looking at the factors of our modern society that would lead to people being so prone to going off the deep end, and not only that, but their willingness to harm innocents in the process.

I would not like to create controversy, so I'm not going to mention those factors by name, but I'll just say that IMO they have to do with changed societal and moral norms, and possibly violent entertainment.
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