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There is another element to this that has not been discussed; What is the rest of the world going to do while armed revolution is happening in America? NATO the UN, Canada, Mexico, Russia, China: what are they going to be doing while all this is going on? Not watching it on CNN I can guarantee that. I am not as smart as some on this forum but I cannot think of a single Armed Revolution that has not had some kind of outside intervention of some type(In the last 20 years).

So while we are all running around with our deer rifles, dressed like ninjas what is the rest of the world going to do while the most powerful country in the world self destructs? I will tell you they will dismantle it. Then you would have a 3 or 4 way gun fight going on and that = Anarchy. If we were lucky I could see the US looking like Somalia. That is not a very pleasant picture in my mind.
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