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gb_in_ga has completely overlooked the carnage in favor of his screed.
No, actually I haven't. I'm well aware that war is terrible, being a former soldier myself. Fratricidal war tends to be even worse. I'm well aware of that.

But the alternative to a JUSTIFIABLE fratricidal war is even worse yet. When the time comes, there will be no alternative and the carnage will happen one way or the other.

There are worse things than blood running in the streets. Genocide, kowtowing to tyrants and the extinguishing of the flame of liberty are among them.

There are things that are worth fighting for. There are things that are worth fighting, to the point of extinction, for.

If you don't understand that, then you just don't get it.

I go back to where I referred to post WWI Russia and '30s Germany. In the one case armed conflict happened where the wrong side won, and blood ran in the streets both during and after the conflict. Mass deaths happened even though people stood up to the tyrants, both in the streets as well as the gulags. We do know that the deaths would have occurred anyway. In the other, we have a massive bloody war that was MUCH worse than what would have happened had an internal revolution happened at the proper time. Genocide, slavery and massive battlefield casualties. The blood ran freely in the streets as well as in the death camps. Millions upon millions of needless deaths. All because the people did not stand up to a slick talking genocidal tyrant.
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