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I strongly believe we have elected and nominated individuals in the Government working against the good of the People for their own and their friends good. They know what they do will hurt (and currently hurts) millions of people but they do it again. What they do is legal, but they are morally criminals..and we are morally criminals to let them do it.
Then your answer is "yes, I would man the firing squads"

Your implication is that you feel that it is better to die quietly or live in chains than it is to resist tyranny as a free people.
I make no implication at all. All I want people to think about is whether they are willing to be part of the bloodshed.

Thomas Jeffersons words are very nice. I am sure that they were solace to White Russian soldiers thrown alive into rivers, or petit bourgeousie who mounted the scaffold over Liberte, Egalite, among others.

Remember...those who oppose the revolution are counterrevolutionaries
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