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The prudent man does not shout, "Molon Labe," while there are still many other avenues with which to work with.

On the question of murder, the answer is actually very easy.

If you win your revolution, then it was not murder.

If you lose... All bets are off and being charged with murder is going to be the least of your worries.

What happens during this hypothetical conflict, if you are captured by the "Tories?" You will be held as a terrorist, at the very least. Your family and many of your friends, who may not be involved in the fighting, will be rounded up and treated as terrorists themselves. The other end of that stick is that you will be tried in a military court as a traitor.

Washington, Madison, Jefferson and their like are only remembered as Patriots, because they won. If they had lost, they would merely be a footnote in the annals of history, as Traitors to the Crown.

So it would be for those who would support armed insurrection.

Revolutions are not clean little things. They are dirty, messy affairs and filled with more blood and death than most Americans can think of... Let alone stand.

Sam06 and kestak have nailed it. gb_in_ga has completely overlooked the carnage in favor of his screed.
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