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Armed revolution is not legal or winnable any longer... Any one who contemplates this is unaware that the USofA is the most powerful military in the free world! Knowing this would negate the thought of a violent revolt!
Not legal -- true, but immaterial. NO revolution has ever been "legal" because no tyranny will ever condone the fighting against it, it isn't a survival trait for tyrants. Not antebellum, anyway. Legality comes during or after the fight. That captured/defeated revolutionaries have been prosecuted and executed for murder/treason throughout the ages is, of course, undeniable. It is the norm. But that doesn't factor into whether a revolution can or should occur. Mostly, they happen because those revolting have no other options, they have nothing to lose by doing so. They would have been murdered/enslaved no matter what. The cost for doing so was no worse than the cost for not doing so, and in doing so they give themselves and the people hope where there was no hope.

Not winnable -- not true. You make the assumption that the military will cling to the tyrants en masse. That hasn't been historically the case. Many, if not most, revolutions happen alongside and supported by mass defections of the standing military to the revolutionaries' side. The soldiers are of the people, you know. Added, you have to ask whether a sizable portion of the military will engage in operations against their own people? What portion of the military at any one time is composed of patriots? The point is that the overwhelming nature of our own military does not mean that revolution against our government is doomed to fail. Doing so makes the assumption that:
> the military will fight against their own people.
> the military will not substantially defect to the side of the revolutionaries, bringing their weapons with them.

Remember what happened in our own fratricidal war in the 1860's (that it wasn't a real revolution is a matter for another discussion thread, and doesn't really matter to this one). Substantial portions of the antebellum military went to the side of the Confederacy. Don't be so sure that much, if not most, of our military wouldn't do likewise should a modern day revolt occur against a truly tyranical .gov. That would tip the scales in the revolutionaries favor.

Remember as well the numerous revolutions during the formative years of Great Britain. Many were quashed, it is true. But many weren't, and helped make the ideological foundations of our own republic. Remember, as well, the revolution in Texas in the mid 1830's. The colonists were completely outclassed by the Mexican government forces, and yet they revolted anyway, they had no other options as free men. Outclassed or not, even without defections from the Mexican Army, they (we) still prevailed.
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