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As a guy who spends about half my time in Africa(Kenya,Uganda, Liberia, DRC, CAR and Rawanda) I can tell you the last thing you want to see is a revolution. As WA said you will have to be prepared to commit murder and a lot of it. If there was an Armed revolution in the US it would be ugly and make the French revolution look like a Sunday school meeting.

Now as for a Voting revolution we better start one ASAP. The problem now is the Facebook/American Idol aspect of politics in this country and the Level of knowledge possessed by the majority of voters. I think there is going to be a lot of buyers remorse in the next few years and people are going to start wising up. If not this country is going to be like France with out a tower and an attitude. I was in Iraq when they had their 1st election in 04. They had to literally dodge bullets and bombs to vote. They could not even drive to town to vote(No cars allowed on the road). The voter turn out was 3 times higher than it is in America. That is sad and embarrassing. It just goes to show how complacent people have become.

For the guys that want an armed revolution here they need to get on a plane and do a nice little vacation to Liberia, Sierra Leon, Rawnda or maybe Cambodia. I think once you see what the after effects are you will cool down a little. Its not a pretty picture and it is not over in a few days or weeks. The after effects last for generations. I think it would be the Death Nell for this Republic as we know it and what would come after would be something none of us would want.

Chris B, I have used that method a time or two and you are right on, great Post! I think it would take at least a steak to lure me to the camps

But if it came down to going to a concentration camp or slavery I would not go meekly. If it came to me loosing my freedoms guaranteed by the constitution, I would not go meekly, but it would be a last resort because I know what my actions would cause. I have first hand knowledge of them.
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