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Interesting poll and good thread...but the true question is...

Are you willing to murder, or participate in acts that will lead to the murder of your fellow Americans over political issues?
A better question is whether or not it is murder at all. Are battlefield fatalities that occur in the course of a revolution murder? I say not. They are casualties of war. This is, of course, assuming that they are not the result of atrocities. Deliberate targeting of neutral non-combatants on either side IS murder.

So, do you consider the spilling of blood -- of tyrants and patriots -- during the course of justified revolution to be murder? You know, that blood that waters the tree of liberty that Thomas Jefferson spoke about? I, for one, do not. I consider it to be war and/or the carrying out of justice previously denied, which is something completely different than murder.

But thats not the issue here is it. Thats an issue to be addressed to those folks.

Y'all can cloak the idea of revolution in any highfaltutin lingo you want, but the fact remains that historically, every true revolution (and the American "Revolution" wasnt one) leads to bodies in ditches.
That people die in wars is a given. Combatants and noncombatants alike. It is part of the cost of war.

I ask you -- would you rather fight or be a slave? Would you resist or go to the gulag/death camps? Don't you realize that if/when the time for revolution/insurrection comes, the bodies will be in the ditches anyway? I, for one, will not go meekly to my death, nor will I meekly don the chains of slavery. There are worse things than war. Slavery and genocide, for instance. I'll fight, and I'll do so accepting the human cost because the cost of not fighting is so much worse. Your implication is that you feel that it is better to die quietly or live in chains than it is to resist tyranny as a free people.
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