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Things have a way of going back and forth in our system to our benefit and everybody gets to try to run the country the way they want.
It goes back and forth, but there is a general trend towards larger more controlling government.

Any revolution today needs to happen through our political process, not against it. A revolution at the polls, if you will. If you're not happy with what your government is doing, then get involved.
Agreed. Our country is nowhere near the place where a revolution is necessary. I would like to see more conservative middle class working age people get involved in protests though. The upcoming 4/15 Tea Party and 2A march planed for next Spring are good signs. Lets face it, no one cares what a bunch of non-voting hippies and college kids say.

I'd consider increasing restrictions on freedom of speech, press, and assembly to be much more worrying than some silly ban on semi-automatic rifles.
As long as I have the RKBA I have options. I am not cornered. When my RKBA is removed so are my options. THe others ARE more important, but it is very difficult to constrain them without first removing the RKBA. Of course I think it would be very hard to remove RKBA without first removing freedom of speech.

Convincing someone to vote for you is a hell of a lot easier than convincing them to pick up their gun a follow you to war.
Aparently you have not spent much time around 18 year old males...

And remember, the government would have a lot of support from the same people they've already bought and paid for with our tax dollars.
From what I have read and compiled, right now 55% of the US population relies on the US government for the majority of their income. When the US government owns 55% of the population, I am not so sure i am represented.

USA is not a democracy, but a Republic.
It was started as a Republic. It was meant to be a Republic. At this point it is much closer to a Democracy than the founders would have liked. If they had known people who did not pay taxes would end up voting I think they would have clarified that in the constitution.

An armed uprising against the government by a small group of individuals would be pointless. No group of private citizens has the resources necessary to take on the government and overthrow it. And I highly doubt that there are any States thinking of seceding from the Union right now.
One tenth of one percent of the United states is 300,000 people. THis is far far less than the number of active insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. I believe the segment of the US population represented in the 1/10th of one percent would also be much better armed, supplied, and trained than those insurgents. Dealing with 5-10 Ruby Ridge/Waco situations at once would put major strains on Federal law enforcement. Are you all that sure when put in that perspective?

Any one who contemplates this is unaware that the USofA is the most powerful military in the free world!
Who was the most powerful military power in 1776?

Our country is extremely soft. Both the attitudes of the people and our general structure. I am not saying the situation now calls for violent action, but anyone espousing the idea that it is impossible to succeed with this route b/c of new technologies needs to take another look.

Enough of this. It isn't time yet. Some people think it is and some people have already started to act, just read the news. John Brown was early too. THis might be a good time to skip a range trip and purchase a few books on small unit tactics, guerrilla tactics, and, most importantly, medical manuals. Che Guevarra was Castro's best resource b/c of his medical background. I don't think there was ever a time that wasn't good to read up on some of these things.

On the plus side I see a lot of people swinging away from the two party system and become more adamant supporters of reducing government size and expanding civil liberties. There just seems to be disagreement on which government programs and which civil liberties. Voinovich is not running in 2010 in part b/c many of his constituents are PO'd about how much wasteful pork he brought to the area. When people get PO'd about pork going to their own area things are looking up.
$0 of an NRA membership goes to legislative action or court battles. Not a dime. Only money contributed to the NRA-ILA or NRA-PVF. Second Amendment Foundation is a solid alternative.
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