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Virginia is a "shall issue" state. Even as a MD resident I can get a VA permit to carry, but it's not valid in MD.

My understanding is that it's extremely difficult to get a CCW permit in MD; unless you're carrying lots of cash for a business or are related to a politician, you will spend months going thru the process, and will probably be denied anyway. My son-in-law was working armed security in the MD-VA area, and was on call 24/7. He wanted to be able to carry so that he could respond promptly if called, and didn't know when calls would come thru. He eventually got a carry permit, but it was inextricably tied to his job. The day he quit he had to turn it in. And it was like pulling teeth to get it in the first place.

If you're merely in fear of your life, and don't have a long documented history of threats against you, you will not get a permit.

Stay in VA and get your carry permit. Don't go into DC or MD armed.
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