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I ususally shoot pistols out at 20-25yrds.
When I'm getting used to something new, I start at 7-10yrds and move back once I'm consistently shooting well. Then, I will fire a few mags at around 10yrd line every other (or every third) trip to the range.

The only pistol that I've been consistently shooting at 10-15yrds is my LCP. I'm still not consistent enough with it at distance, but I've only put maybe 150rnds through it. It's short, too.
I take my Ruger MK2 Target out to 50yrds regularly. I occasionally shoot my Glock .45 and 1911 .45 out to 50, too.

Next trip, though, I'm gonna try my hand at 100yrds with the Glock and Springfield 1911. Just for S&Gs, though. I'm curious to see if I can consistently hit paper.
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