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Help with finding bank name,

Am new to the firing line, but have been involved with guns since my dad first took me hinting. Reloaded for quite a few years but stuff is now put away waiting to be brought back out. It was one of the fun things I use to do and all 3 of my boys grew up knowing how to shoot. They would shoot squirrels and give them to Gramma for a good squirrel dinner.
I am trying to find the name of the bank that use to advertise in some of the gun magazines where you could invest, get a gun and then when the time frame was up you got your original amount of investment back.
I think the banks were in Michigan or Minnesota but can't remember. I do not know if the program even exists but would like to find out. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


[Edit: If I were you, I'd open a new thread in the General Discussion forum for that question. - Bud Helms]
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