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Dunno, it doesnt say. I have fired off an email to them asking for clarification and details.


Your new safe comes with a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and
workmanship. The mechanical or electronic lock is covered by a 1 year warranty against defects
in materials and workmanship.

You can extend your warranty coverage for $50.00 which will include the following coverage:

1. EXTENDED LOCK COVERAGE: 9 extra years coverage (10 years total) on the
mechanical or electronic lock installed on your safe.

2. FREE COMBINATION SEARCH: If your combination is lost or misplaced,
you will receive FREE combination searches for 10 years after purchase date.
Normal cost for a combination search is $25.00

To acquire your extended warranty, simply fill out all the information below. Make sure to
include the serial number of the safe. The serial number is located on the right front of the safe
down by the ground and also on the back of the safe. You can pay by filling out the credit card
information or sending a check/money order for the amount. Make sure to keep a copy for your
records as well. Send the payment with the information below to the following address:

Granite Security Products, Inc.
Attn: Gun Safe Extended Warranty
4801 Esco Drive
Fort Worth, Texas 76140
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